1999 : Registration of company as a Private Limited Company
2002 : Started manufacturing and marketing of license products of the company
  : Started export to Nepal, Pakistan and Syria
: Turn in to Public limited Company from Private Limited Company
2003 : Getting membership of Securities and Exchange Commission, Bangladesh
  : Started Production of Insulin Syringe 1cc (U-40 and U-100), Urine Drainage bag, Infusion bag and Blood set
2004 : Started Production of 20cc, 30cc, 50cc and 60cc Disposable Syringe and production of Scalp Vein set
2005 : Auto Disable Syringe (AD) project started and launched in the last quarter of 2006
2006 :

Collaboration has been made by Star Syringe Ltd. UK for the production of AD syringe

2007 : Pioneer manufacturer of AD syringe in Bangladesh and start marketing
  : Achieve the ISO and CE certificate
2008 : Production of 3cc and 5cc AD syringe
  : Start production of JMI Pharma
2009 : Production of 1cc AD syringe
  : Agreement was made with Helm, Germany and Directorate of Family planning, Bangladesh for supplying of 1cc Auto Disable (AD) Syringe
: Started construction for Vaccine Production
: Collaboration with NIPRO, Japan and stat production of Kidney dialyzer, blood tubing set jointly with NIPRO and turned the company in to NIPRO-JMI
2010 : Started construction of NIPRO-JMI production facilities, JMI Hospital- Requisite Mfg. Ltd. JMI Hollow Block Company Ltd, JMI CNG Dispensing Ltd