Message From Founder

JMI Group is the yield of successful running of JMI Syringes and Medical Devices Ltd., a joint venture company with Peoples Republic of South Korea. JMI Group was founded on the concept of medical devices mainly disposable syringes. From 2005 we introduced Auto Disable Syringes for safe use in human being. We have now eleven projects under JMI Group. The group is now expanding with collaboration with NIPRO Corporation, Japan; Star Syringe Ltd., UK and Sunmyung International, South Korea. With the collaboration with that world class company we can manufacture top quality of product for our country along with the whole world.

In recent days materials and technology have developed to an extent facilitating conversion of theory into reality. JMI Group has extensively researched & identified competent partners for implementing above concept and to meet the need of global requirement. Prototypes are being developed and tested by a talented in-house team in order to ensure rapid progress of updated quality requirement.

We are committed to provide superior quality product for the mankind.

With great expectations and warmest regards,
The Founder